Colony of Losers- Fuck Stigma and Mental Illness, I'm like 25

Surviving your Quarter Life Crisis and becoming an adult

Complicated Compassion: Why Is Mike Kimber Such An Asshole?

“Dad, Derek is not like that. Hello!” In my opinion if someone says hello it shouldn’t be a statement or a sarcastic comment.  As this sort of behavior only brings to mind the Clueless and doesn’t belong in my favorite coffee shop in Toronto. The twenty-year-old girl yelling at her father clearly disagrees. Minutes pass [...]


That time in a week where I decide to fix my life and make a list

Today is the one year anniversary of Colony of Losers creation. Thank you to all the fans, friends and absolute strangers. 300,000 views in a year ain’t bad. Hopefully next year we will hit a million. Thanks to everyone who has helped, especially Patrick Campbell, Herman O Dagwood, John Packman, Peter Diamond, Egg Films, CBC, [...]


The Cure for Depression: The Glass is Mostly Full

“I have a cure for depression,” says the old French-Canadian man, carefully dissecting ginger root with a rather large knife on my kitchen counter.  He is about five feet away from the cooking element I caused to explode in flames almost immediately upon moving into my new apartment making an excellent impression on my new [...]


Chronicle Herald: Brutal Honesty on Blogger’s Site

About last year at this time, Michael Kimber had lost his job and was on the verge of losing the most important relationship in his life. He had struggled with sleeplessness, severe depression and anxiety since 2009, after graduating from a journalism program in Halifax. At that time, as he says in his poem The [...]


Bizarre Speech at King’s College: Inspiring and Shit Defying

So I was flown out to Halifax to give a speech for the mental health commission. I made it as appropriate as I could. SPEECH So I went to King’s College and I graduated from this same program and I had a nervous breakdown. Things don’t look too good for you, do they? I’m not [...]


The Cure-A Visual Poem

About a month ago, Mike Hachey from Egg Films got in touch with me and told me that he wanted to make a music video for me. I’d seen what he had done for my friend Laura Burke and said of course I would. As a result I was flown into shoot the video a [...]


Subway Dreaming and the Drummer I didn’t kill

The woman in the seat next to me has begun to drum. I’m pretending to try to read a dirt-encrusted sign that says: Why can’t street kids just get a life? Slowly my eyes drop from the sign to the ground salt white and gray floor of the subway car. While she has broken the [...]

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    Michael Kimber is a 26-year-old journalist who suffered a nervous breakdown on November 3rd, 2009. On March 28th, 2010 when he recovered from mental illness, he began writing a blog called Colony-of-losers. About falling on your face to figure out who you are and the hilarious antics of a blond jew. What began with a few friends and his mother reading has become a cult phenomenon, averaging 10,000 views a week, receiving praise from Commonwealth Award Winner Shandi Mitchell and many others. On, November 3rd, 2010, the one year anniversary of his mental breakdown he signed with Anne McDermid and Associates, the largest literary agency in Canada. In a year he went from wearing pajamas, making his couch depression HQ to leaving his hometown for the Toronto, where he exclusively wears business suits and the armor of ancient Greeks. Don't worry, he's still choking on the feet he contently sticks in his mouth and making moments awkward just by being part of them. During these struggles he met other talented bastards and drew them into his circle. Peter Diamond became his illustrator. Patrick Campbell his video editor and part time photographer. He recently added the incredibly talented John Packman as Colony of Losers Toronto photographer. Without the support of the Colony of Losers, Michael Kimber would be nothing. Welcome to the losers and the success that comes from utter and complete failure. You aren’t alone. Follow him on If you’d like to hire him for a public speaking engagement for mental health events in Toronto, like to arrange an interview, offer millions to publish his book or for another reason contact Michael please email him. And join his facebook Colony of Losers.

    Really obvious disclaimer:
    I’m not a trained psychologist. Just a fellow traveler. If you need help seek it from the professionals. The Canadian Mental Health Association provides a help locator. You can find crisis resources provided by the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. If you are in the states check here. It will give you services by zip code. I’d also recommend checking out I think they do great work and have been a help to me personally.

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