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Welcome to the world of Ambergris where a young sea world employee must seduce a whale to free his imprisoned giantess lover from the clutches of the dastardly Frenchmen.

Dearest Adrianna,

Why am I making seductive whale sounds that may remind some reggae fans of Bob Marley’s last words?

Why am I dressed up as a dolphin hoping that they are considered the sexy urchins of the sea?

Why am I disappointed that Methias the Whale finds my rubber form ridiculous and mocks me with his laughter? The answer is simple. I love you.

To properly explain the story we must go back 38 years ago.

My grandfather was a retired fisherman in Nova Scotia.

His inability to catch a single fish in 12 years had near crippled him.

Even the sound of water dripping from the tap had him reaching for a bottle of Old Sam’s rum. He lived near the ocean and peering out his window would result in a feverish attack of  panic. As such he lived in constant drunken terror.  You see he liked to draw murals of the ocean for the local postcard company to pay his rent.

One day my Grandfather decided to face his fear and go for a swim. He got as far as the beach when he slipped on an oily white viscous rock like substance. My grandfather broke his back and died.  A blind man found his corpse.

His killer was the seemingly harmless rock. After the blind man’s guard dog had finished licking the smelly rock, the police brought the rock in for questioning.  It turned out that the rock was a substance called Ambergris. The blind man became monstrously wealthy and bought the eyes of a starving child in Africa. The point is so simple that even the blind man can now see with his currently perfect eyesight.

My grandfather could have been rich. I would have been able to afford to follow to France.

It doesn’t seem that there is much in the way of interspecies attraction between dolphin and sperm whales. Or perhaps the cunning beast has seen through my ruse.  I fear to see the behemoth in heat and the rapturous eruption from it’s blow hole. Love is hard.  I will free you from the army of midgets that have imprisoned you. I will feel the cool whisper of your gullet on my neck.

Tomorrow I will dress up as mackerel. Thank god for the costume’s stores 20 thousand leagues under the sea section.

Pray for me,

Michael Gray Kimber



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  1. Dr. Pullen
    August 5th, 2013 @ 1:13 pm

    Love the sarcasm and humor on a serious topic. Sometimes just behaving normally can help things be a little more normal.

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