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We really made a killing

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Darwin was a monkey,

Adam was a murderer of innocence

A meme of internet interest,

the evolution of what’s holy and scientific

And how they intersect

The day before and the day after Newtown

As we change how we connect

And all the truth we can fit in an instant

In life and death, God and insect

Every atom began with a big bang, and the news cycle is infinite

Hitch your chariot to that horror and ride it

Lord knows everyone else has tried it

Even I did

Start your article with while others in the media have cited these two things and I deny them

You have to tell the truth, as if everyone else believe they were lying

when they climbed into the belly of the Beast, Leviathan

Went and did it it’s misogynistic, only white men did it, these crimes are chauvinistic,

let me design it, I’m totally committed

We will close our mental health centers and fill our prisons

10,000 murders that regular guy with guns committed,

assault rifles need to be expressly forbidden,

guns can guarantee our freedom and protect our children,

the perfect gift for Christmas for a civilian, who remembers thanksgiving from the point of view of the pilgrim, more guns in our schools, principal as the hired hitman,

We just need to pray for a good religion

God apparently had a hissy fit, he had these audiobooks and no one would listen to them

The victims names and pictures as they listed them

The media for telling us that it even existed and interviewing kids after five minutes of the violence that they just witnessed

Freedom has a hitlist

Those that suffer most turned into murderers and villains,

TV tells what’s evil isn’t the killing, Chuck Norris can kill the villains

Even if the body count is in the millions

The moral is that only the government are allowed to murder children

Using this a way of starting a conversation about mental illness is like using Scarface for education about drug addiction

Any excuse we can use to say that if we only we could fix them

As if evil actions were the result of a mental condition rather than mental conditioning

Whatever label we can affix to them

As long as it is us against them

Won’t help 17 year old unless he has slashed wrist with him

For an Emergency room to admit him

He needs to have a good plan for them to listen

Photoshop him, and take pictures of everyone who would miss him

And we can say how could we have missed this

Society is sick so we want to believe it’s personal illness rather than what we believe willed this

We know how it killed them

Because we were the ones that built them

And baby I still remember how we spent the billions

We got from selling violence to children

Back in the day

We really made a killing



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    Michael Kimber is a 26-year-old journalist who suffered a nervous breakdown on November 3rd, 2009. On March 28th, 2010 when he recovered from mental illness, he began writing a blog called Colony-of-losers. About falling on your face to figure out who you are and the hilarious antics of a blond jew. What began with a few friends and his mother reading has become a cult phenomenon, averaging 10,000 views a week, receiving praise from Commonwealth Award Winner Shandi Mitchell and many others. On, November 3rd, 2010, the one year anniversary of his mental breakdown he signed with Anne McDermid and Associates, the largest literary agency in Canada. In a year he went from wearing pajamas, making his couch depression HQ to leaving his hometown for the Toronto, where he exclusively wears business suits and the armor of ancient Greeks. Don't worry, he's still choking on the feet he contently sticks in his mouth and making moments awkward just by being part of them. During these struggles he met other talented bastards and drew them into his circle. Peter Diamond became his illustrator. Patrick Campbell his video editor and part time photographer. He recently added the incredibly talented John Packman as Colony of Losers Toronto photographer. Without the support of the Colony of Losers, Michael Kimber would be nothing. Welcome to the losers and the success that comes from utter and complete failure. You aren’t alone. Follow him on If you’d like to hire him for a public speaking engagement for mental health events in Toronto, like to arrange an interview, offer millions to publish his book or for another reason contact Michael please email him. And join his facebook Colony of Losers.

    Really obvious disclaimer:
    I’m not a trained psychologist. Just a fellow traveler. If you need help seek it from the professionals. The Canadian Mental Health Association provides a help locator. You can find crisis resources provided by the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. If you are in the states check here. It will give you services by zip code. I’d also recommend checking out I think they do great work and have been a help to me personally.

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