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Your self and decorating the room you place your self in

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So first thing I did was take off my belt.

I mean it would have been too tight. And I don’t normally take my belt off in public but I’m meditating and I’m going to be sitting for a while. So I walk across the room clutching my belt, trying to look like I have no idea of hitting anyone with it. I put it in the cloak room. I sniff. My socks smell. Not bad. Sort of good. Odd.

I return to my cushion.

I sit down. I flex my back, and try to keep my shoulders straight and breath in at a normal pace.

I close my eyes and after about fifteen minutes I have this idea that feels like I should pay attention to it. More like a picture that forms in my head. Of a room.

Where I see myself. And it’s in my hands.

(You’re such a fucking disgusting pervert. That is not what I meant at all. )

I imagine my self in this very particular room.  Like full bodied image. Michael Kimber with the beard and pants with no belt. With this thing in my hands and it’s my self. Sort of a sculpture like thing. A mould like whatever they’re fucking with in the movie Ghost. And I’m changing it. Manipulating it. Making it more pleasing to other people. Making it more what I want it to be. Something beautiful. And I have been working away at this developing sculpture for a long time. It’s here that I’m making my life. All in an attempt to have this beautiful thing to show people.

So that I can be worth something.

In modern day society you are told in subconscious advertising chants that to be ordinary is to be exceptional. You will deserve to be loved when you climb the Himalayas. And I spend time here. Crafting it. Over and over. Hardening edges. Sharpening the image. Creating this clarity that creates this feeling of security. So that I can say I am this thing. Only I can feel my hands on every part of this thing I’m supposed to be. And I’m not alone in the room.

There are a lot of other people and their having wine and making witty comments about this artifice I’m making. I can see their eyes and hear their voices and know what reaction they are having as I work with my hands on this sculpture. And it’s this weird feeling that I’m choosing people to match this thing I’m making. I hate dressing up. I hate putting product in my hair because I don’t want to put on a show for people. But everything has to coincide with this thing in my hands. And there’s this super wide world that exists within me that is outside of that continuum and that image I’m crafting. And there’s more to life than the creation of this one thing that people might appreciate under a certain light.

And it occurs to me that there are moments where my hands get tired or the day is so beautiful that for a little while you stop trying to make the couch match the drapes. And there is more to life than this thing in your hands.

And I fart. And everyone in the meditation center dies.

The end.



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