Colony of Losers- Fuck Stigma and Mental Illness, I'm like 25

Surviving your Quarter Life Crisis and becoming an adult

Lonely New Years

I’m watching Nathan For You on my laptop, which is haphazardly resting on my mattress. I can hear the fan in my computer whirring towards annihilation. I check my phone. No messages. It’s New Years. It’s 9:30PM. I have absolutely no plans. The feelings that change you are the ones that feel like they’re going to last [...]


Dinner With Friends

I’m in my incredibly tiny room where the white walls look blood splattered (odd art project of a previous tenant) and everything is covered in books and ginger candy wrappers. To call it claustrophobic would be a compliment. I live in this closet-sized space for the purpose of saving money so that my girlfriend can [...]



There are moments when you ask unreasonable things from people because you don’t have a choice. Things need to be done and you can’t do them alone. In these moments people who are basically extras in the story of your life can step up to the plate and become something more. In this case they [...]



We pride ourselves on the idea that a handful of reactions in the right moments will prove our humanity. I unfortunately have been living on planet bullshit too long. My immediate response is to explain the silver lining. “So we can enjoy sunny days without worrying about skin cancer,” I hear myself say.” I don’t [...]


Momentous Bullshit: QI: PROLOGUE

Shortly after I refused to accept her collect call my sister killed herself.  It was a particularly busy time of year for me. Q1. In my business you can’t afford to get behind. So while my sister is dying in a bathtub I’m pitching a client about how their android technology could have a real [...]


They Had To Wait

Most of the time you’re all part of one big happy family when you wait for the bathroom. You’re impatient but when you’re outside on those doors you’re all playing for the same team. When your time comes up you leave the nest. Become your own person and the source of inconvenience to every single [...]


A Writer Like My Dad

I think I wanted to become a writer because it seemed like the simplest way to become my dad when I grew up. My dad’s great. They call him Stephen “The Cuban” Kimber. For decades he inspired journalism students to take the news seriously and helped them careers in an industry where that was still [...]


Extrapolating Raindrops To Understand Oceans

We are walking and talking and laughing and realizing that we aren’t the same sort of people as we take a quick tour of Toronto in a large pack of common friends. She’s really nice. I listen a little more than I normally do. I ask her a question. Then another question digging deeper. She [...]



It’s record-breaking cold in Toronto. The crew for the murder mystery web series Typo is outside facing the type of chill that makes your skin burn. Alex Pirie-Hay is inside holding a puppy in his hands, calmly stroking its head to keep it from yapping and conceivably ruining some very important takes. Alex is an expert audio [...]

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    Michael Kimber is a 26-year-old journalist who suffered a nervous breakdown on November 3rd, 2009. On March 28th, 2010 when he recovered from mental illness, he began writing a blog called Colony-of-losers. About falling on your face to figure out who you are and the hilarious antics of a blond jew. What began with a few friends and his mother reading has become a cult phenomenon, averaging 10,000 views a week, receiving praise from Commonwealth Award Winner Shandi Mitchell and many others. On, November 3rd, 2010, the one year anniversary of his mental breakdown he signed with Anne McDermid and Associates, the largest literary agency in Canada. In a year he went from wearing pajamas, making his couch depression HQ to leaving his hometown for the Toronto, where he exclusively wears business suits and the armor of ancient Greeks. Don't worry, he's still choking on the feet he contently sticks in his mouth and making moments awkward just by being part of them. During these struggles he met other talented bastards and drew them into his circle. Peter Diamond became his illustrator. Patrick Campbell his video editor and part time photographer. He recently added the incredibly talented John Packman as Colony of Losers Toronto photographer. Without the support of the Colony of Losers, Michael Kimber would be nothing. Welcome to the losers and the success that comes from utter and complete failure. You aren’t alone. Follow him on If you’d like to hire him for a public speaking engagement for mental health events in Toronto, like to arrange an interview, offer millions to publish his book or for another reason contact Michael please email him. And join his facebook Colony of Losers.

    Really obvious disclaimer:
    I’m not a trained psychologist. Just a fellow traveler. If you need help seek it from the professionals. The Canadian Mental Health Association provides a help locator. You can find crisis resources provided by the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. If you are in the states check here. It will give you services by zip code. I’d also recommend checking out I think they do great work and have been a help to me personally.

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