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Only Bathroom Stall Kept In The Smithsonian

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Life can feel so conditional

Like if you make this mistake it’s all over

Like I have these high standards and if I don’t hit them I don’t matter.

And shame can hit you so hard that it makes you want to hide

But my love for you has no connection to your self esteem or what happened to you yesterday

Where you are today and where you are tomorrow will change but that won’t affect the way I feel about you

I can see every ounce of effort you put into being a good person

And how much you think that means putting yourself in a tiny box

Where your every thought is sweet and kind and you’re trying to be a Saint

And I want to assure you that this has nothing to do with the way I love you

I love you big

And you’re fucking huge

You’re many more people than you give yourself credit for

I love you when you want to hide what you’re thinking because it scares you

And when you tell me what you’re thinking because I think that way too sometimes and your honesty is such a precious gift and I know how much it’s worth

I love your depression because isn’t it earthshaking to see how passionate you are now when sometimes you don’t feel anything at all

I love your anxiety because I know it’s just a sincere desire to keep everyone you care about safe and you didn’t create your own nervous system

I love you even when I’m sick of you

When you know me well enough to know the parts I can’t get rid of even if I have tried

And encourage me to stop trying to erase parts of myself that feel inconvenient

When you tell me I need to spend time giving love to the parts of myself that don’t love me back

I don’t love you because you succeed

I love you because you try

I know that there are parts of yourself that you have no control over.

And I don’t think you’re a coward because you’re scared

I think your brave because you spend the majority of your life being kind

I don’t think that your scars make you ugly

I’ve never been as merciless as your eyes when you look into a mirror. Your beauty is so obvious to me

As it is to everyone who really gets to know you

I’ve been standing beside people I love for decades

And my heart is the bathroom stall you carved your names into. The only one kept in the Smithsonian.

Once your name is there it will not be removed. Even if I spent hours with bleach on my hands trying to scrub it out

Yup It’s still there

Right next to call this number for a blow job and philosophical arguments in sharpie

I’ve seen death try to get between us and get its ass kicked

I’ve seen time try to make us into different people and our voices cracked and we were children again

I’ve seen lovers cheat on eachother and not break up because the idea of living without each other made all the pain feel necessary.

I’ve seen true love survive the end of a relationship and become the closest friendship.

I’ve seen cancer try to eat every inch of a person and heard the strength in a voice over the phone that said even though I’m almost gone I want to give you something to remember me by

I’ve seen people scream love poetry using their broken hearts as a microphone to say I will suffer every sleepless night as long as I get a chance to meet people like this

Take this shard

I got more heart left

I’ve watched tragedy drain the color from the world and watched it come back in all its mundane beauty

Like death happens but I still got a couch so you can come over and Netflix and chill

Where the only thing I’m thinking about is where I am and what the air tastes like in my mouth

As far as you feel like you can fall

There are hundreds of hands who are dying to catch you

And give you roses while you can smell them

Because life wouldn’t be the same without you

I love you so much and I’m far from the only one

Whatever is happening to you now

It’s not too big

We can lift it together or I’ll crawl under those bricks with you and wait for time to come and rescue us

Because I know how scary it can be in the dark without someone to talk to

You aren’t alone

You just forgot to pick up the phone and call me



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