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With love from Michael George Kimber

Posted on | March 13, 2018 | 1 Comment

Michael George Kimber 223x300 With love from Michael George Kimber



Many years ago I went searching through the internet for other versions of myself. I found Michael George Kimber. He was working on a blog, putting up awesome stories and he was 75 and British. Obviously I had to reach out to him. I expect I had a good amount of coffee before I did. I expected a funny story to come of it. I had no idea how cool I would be when I was 75 or how I’d get even better by the age of 83. Or that we’d become Facebook friends and his rare messages to me would become a precious gift.

Here are links to the first two stories I did about our odd time travel friendship.  Words From Myself As a 75 Year Old Man and The Return of Michael George Kimber

His messages vary from urging me to get famous before he dies to deeply personal statements on my Facebook wall. All of which shows his incredible heart.

To give you a quick example, I made a post on Bell Let’s Talk Day:

I think going through mental health problems teaches you hard life is. Not just for yourself but for everyone. And really reinforces how important is to be kind. To yourself and to everyone else because they are carrying around an inner life just as complicated and difficult as your own. We aren’t wired to be happy. The people who help you get through those times have been through them. They let you know you have to be patient because it takes a really time to get up after you’ve spent years falling without realizing it. They’ll tell you something you won’t believe which is that it won’t always feel like this. The most important thing I would tell anyone is not to put pressure on themselves to feel differently. Ironically when you accept your feelings they stop having complete control over you. When you get angry at your feelings you are literally only hurting yourself. You can’t suppress thoughts. But thoughts naturally dissipate on their own. It’s like not taking a shit because you don’t want to fart. It makes zero sense. You also aren’t always going to feel like this. You’re going to kiss people on the mouth. You are going to wildly dance in your empty apartment. You’re going to do things you didn’t think you could do. And even when you’re in the worst places you can be loved. You can be there for the people in your life. The idea that you’re the most fucked up person in the world is wrong. You see the unedited version of yourself inside your head and everyone else seems so composed because you only hear what they say out of their mouths instead of the heads. Everyone is fucked up. Everyone needs someone to listen to them. If there’s something that’s really hurting you, that you haven’t talked about find someone who will listen to you. Because you deserve that. Because you don’t have to carry everything by yourself. Because we need eachother. Because there aren’t enough professionals to look after the need. The people who keep us alive are unqualified, compassionate and just trying their best. Do your best.

This was his response: 

Hi Michael, Thought it was time I took a look at you to what you’re getting up to. Read you’re piece – makes a lot of sense. Wish I’d known you when I was young, when I needed a sympathetic ear. Of course when I was young you were not around so back to square one. I hope the people who read you’re words are spreading the word.
Be nice to each other. Simple!
Best wishes, the other Michael G Kimber

Now you’re probably wondering what got me to make this post. Well, apparently as an 83 year old British man I still write awesome love poetry. He wrote an amazing love poem I was moved to share with you. With his permission I’m posting it for you to enjoy.

We’ve just had Mother’s Day, so here’s one for Lovers Day


Am I the only one who cries,
when music soars and stirs the heart;
when a golden voice in euphoric rise;
sings a lover’s song before they part.

Am I the only one who tries,
to dab the tears before they fall.
When love and all emotion dies,
to fuel the heartache in us all.

Do others weep in deep surprise,
when visions tear the soul in two;
by artful beauty framed in sighs,
or wondrous nature, sublime in hue.

When hope is gone it’s in my eyes,
for one who wears his heart on sleeve.
Who’s world is gone with no reprise;
and is left alone to cry and grieve.

And then, will it be at my demise,
at drama’s death for love gone wrong.
With heaving chest one can’t disguise,
and with grieving hope for one last song.

My tears are real, they tell no lies,
I cannot help the ones I shed.
At deep despair of sad goodbye’s,
without relief when love is dead.

But wait -
For without warning up it flies,
when human spirits rise above.
A new day dawns with stunning skies;
and I’m ready once again for love.

I’m ready for the lows and highs
of love’s sweet dance and tête-à-tête.
For all the things that love implies,
I’m ready now; I cannot wait.

Once more I yearn to know those ties,
that bind two lovers, hearts and minds.
A love from which one cannot prize,
until; until the end of time unwinds.

© Michael G Kimber





One Response to “With love from Michael George Kimber”

  1. Michael (George) Kimber
    March 14th, 2018 @ 4:47 am

    Thank’s Michael for this tribute.
    Although we live thousands of miles apart and are separated in age by a similar chasm, it is still possible to share a friendship.

    Here’s to hands across the sea.

    I hope your readers will enjoy my poem;
    with very best wishes. Michael

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