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Love Story

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I think one of the foremost misconceptions about all forms of love is the idea that you’ll feel it all the time if you feel it at all. That if there are moments when it goes away it was never there in the first place.

Or that if it’s real it will be easy. We give a lot of credence to the idea of a miraculous love, whether it’s romantic or spiritual. When we should celebrate hard work, rather than a good story. When every marriage has to survive the times when love disappears and staying kind and open is the only way to wait for it to return.

I think our love for ourselves is a lot like this. I think that you don’t get to feel it all the time. That you have to wait for it to return and to make sure it does you have to be kind to yourself. And I think that what makes that possible is the belief that you can learn.

Self-hatred performs a similar miracle to fated love. It’s a way of saying that you don’t have a choice in what happens in your life. It’s a way of abdicating responsibility. And there are things you haven’t tried. Discussions you haven’t attempted. In fact, most of us have tried very little to sweep ourselves off our feet. Because when the love disappears for a short time we go mad and chase after it in other people, in substances, in art, in whatever a little effort will provide the illusion of easily maintainable joy. Because we refuse to acknowledge our pain. So we don’t comfort ourselves when we feel it. We grow less sensitive to our feelings and less sensitive to the feelings of people we know. And we get a little tougher. Because shouldn’t this be easier? Aren’t we doing it wrong?

You have a duty to be kind to yourself.

So that you don’t use your genuine hurt and sadness as an excuse for cruelty. So that you don’t turn away love when it comes for you with open arms. So that you can take responsibility for the parts of your life that can be better with just a little effort. Because in life everything creates more of itself. Your self-hatred becomes others injury in real life. Your love can become more love. Your kindness and cruelty can move like cure and cancer through conversation with everyone you meet.

But it starts inside. When the love goes away. And you’re kind to yourself until it returns.

If you’re waiting for it to return, I want you to know that you deserve it. You’re worthy. You can find it again. You just have to patient,  you have to be kind and you have to keep your eyes open so you can hold onto yourself when you need to.

The idea that love is easy, that it’s fated, that is present in all moments if it’s real is a lie that hurts us all and makes us believe we haven’t truly experienced the only thing that makes life worth living.

It’s a love story.



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